• Creative

    Eugenie has been involved in the Cultural and Creative Industries for over 30 years.

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    Eugenie’s extensive experience bridging the informal development sector and the formal sector has equipped her with multiple skills

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  • Community

    With a strong sense of justice, upliftment of individuals forms a central part of any project Eugenie undertakes, as is evidenced by her extensive community involvement, at every level.

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  • Coaching

    Eugenie has collaborated with many product developers and craft enterprises in Southern Africa and abroad on refining products and product ranges

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Phone: +27 11 447 5541 | Mobile: +27 83 400 5126 | Fax: +27 86 518 2577 | Email: info@piece.co.za

Take a step into my world...



This year I celebrated my birthday participating as a Mentor in the International Women’s Day Walk facilitated by The Passionate Professional; and this is where I first encountered the dynamic Pat Fortin Mussieux. At this event she announced that she would be offering a presentation the following week and that there was also an opportunity to win a scholarship to participate in her Wealth Makers Mighty Mavericks programme.

Late one evening I visited the website to get details, booked to attend the presentation and looked to see what was necessary to apply for the scholarship. I started completing the forms and motivations and then decided that it was too much bother and went to bed.

I tossed and turned and could not sleep so I did what I normally do when I cannot sleep – I got up and went to work. On opening my computer I saw the half completed document, completed it, submitted it and went to bed and slept like a baby!

I was excited to attend the presentation and to hear Pat’s story and was blown away when I was presented with an envelope to say that I was one of seven people who had been shortlisted to pitch for the place on the programme! It was a baptism by fire as we were all given a 2 minute public interview with Pat to motivate why we deserved the scholarship. It was a very intimidating process for me, but Pat’s smiling face helped me through it.

In a funny way, I was relieved when the winner, Taryn Laing, was announced; and I felt a flush of relief and was happy to be ‘off the hook’! Then Pat announced that there was to be a second scholarship and I was the recipient! After the initial shock, I was elated – I have always been a maverick but now I was officially one – and a mighty one at that! In addition, this was an exceptional ‘birthday gift’ for me.

This journey has been interesting and one which, in a way, broke me down and resulted a whole new direction for me. I am still trying to balance this and to define and refine it, but am well on the way to doing so and as I do so, I am learning so much about myself and redefining strengths and weaknesses, letting go of old patterns and embracing the new. While the journey is far from over, I celebrate some of the fits of insight from this experience:

  • Curiosity has the potential to open doors
  • Don’t give up or stop half way
  • Listen to and act on your instincts
  • Short time slots make you think on your feet and be clear when you communicate. No time for fluffy bits!
  • It is never too late to start something new
  • With a champion behind you, anything is possible.

An added bonus has been that Pat has invited us to attend the Might Mavericks Mastermind Retreat in Toronto from 18th October – a continental cultural exchange which, for me, will add a completely new context and dimension to the Internet experience. In addition, I am looking forward to meeting my fellow Mavericks in person and also to the exchanges which I am sure will take place. So I am ready and Toronto here I come!


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